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The anxiety which comes with a hearing loss only adds to the tensions of modern living and robs many people of health and happiness. 
The Hearing Instrument Specialist should give you REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, and the explanation of "CIRCLE OF UNDERSTANDING," then you can adapt your life style to your New limitations.  You also need to realize the Limitations of a Hearing Aid.

About Mid-West Hearing Aid Service

Our Board Certified Missouri Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist will make sure you get a comprehensive professional exam using "State of the Art" High Technology equipment and recommend the best care for your individual hearing loss. We can help you with your Remaining Hearing!
We work hard to accommodate your schedule when you call for an appointment, even that “same day" if necessary. If you need a special appointment outside of our office hours we will work with you.
"The EAR is  the Road to the Heart."  - Voltaire

Take care of your remaining is very precious.   To learn more about any of our specialist or products, call our friendly number 1-800-525-7576.

Hearing Test & Evaluation
Did you know there are FIVE STAGES of Hearing?

1. Normal

2. Light Loss

3. Moderate Loss

4. Serious Loss

5. Deaf                  WHICH STAGE ARE YOU IN?  


Treat Yourself to the World of Sound

 Hearing difficulty is number three disability in our nation affecting all ages. We can help you with your problem. Call us for a complimentary (FREE) hearing test. Our Board Certified Missouri Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists will test, evaluate and recommend the best solution for you. 

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